Be a Career Discovery Partner
Growth through Innovation, governance by practicing the highest levels of transparency, openness using cutting edge systems and processes is a witness with Career Discovery partner testimony. Even the Career Discovery board composition is a testimony to this. Come, Be a part. Remember, it is not a cakewalk to be a member. You need to be very good. IF you are, you will be a part of the next decade of Career Discovery story where it is likely to emerge as a large scale success story in the Indian education landscape.



|    Career Discovery Education Pvt. Ltd
|    Career Discovery
|    Education, Training and Consulting
    Business Started
|   2007
    Franchisee Started
|   2009
    Franchisee Material Availability 
|    Yes
    Franchise Fee (Depending upon the Cities) :
|    50000 – 150000 Lacs
    Advertising / Marketing
|    Print & Electronic Media
    Required Capital: Investment (Depending upon the Cities)
|    2 – 5 Lacs
    The expected payback period for the franchise
|    3 Months
    The expected return on  investment to the franchisee ? 
|    15 - 25 %
    Required floor area (in square feet)
|    750 - 1500 sq.ft.
    Do you help franchisee for the site selection 
|    Yes
    Do you have a training  program for the franchisee 
|    Yes
    Terms of franchisee agreement
|    11 Month

What Do we Look for?

We look for young and energetic professionals with a passion for entrepreneurship and education. If you don’t love education, you will hate being with us. If you are not bubbling with entrepreneurial energy and restlessness, this is not the place to be we do look for evidence of your caliber and commitment. Your past is an indicator. Just your educational background does give us an insight. However, we trust most in our process of selection which is rigorous and uncompromising, to say the least. So, if you do not want to be scrutinized, please do not apply. We believe in picking the best so that they make Career Discovery the best in their markets. We also look for your ability to invest just about enough money to be able to focus on your entrepreneurial success which always takes a little bit more time than what your excel sheets and biz plan documents indicate. That is life….Isn’t it!!